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Tantra never meant to sexual execution, but the sensual uplifting, energy purification and body recharging. In any of Tantra massages sexual executions are strictly prohibited because it will start showing its side effects in the form of anxiety, losing concentration and a lot of negativity in thoughts and body.

Tantric ritual is the touching spiritual techniques. It experience the tricky way of spirituality. We are using touching techniques in tantra ritual which reduce body pain and touch your soul. It is the best way to feel the spirituality and divinity. Mainly we concentrate on pressure point which helps to feel spirituality of your inner soul. Pressure point is nothing but the sensitive place of the body. Stimulation leads a main role in tantra ritual therapy. Stimulation at the pressure point is the best way to get extreme pleasure and relieve from pain. In tantra ritual, feel a God in your soul. Feel an orgasmic experience in your body.

How does Tantra Ritual happens

Usually we go to the temple to get positive energy and relaxation. Here also, we get positive energy and relaxation in a different way. First our therapists train you to do meditation in a proper manner. It helps to control your breath and breathe wherever necessary. After that place you in a bed and start the rituals. Finally use the touching techniques at the pressure points. Our therapists are well trained in fondling. Touch the body and inner soul at the pressure points by fondling their fingers. It stimulates your body and produce positive energy. It improves the devotion and strengthens your mind and body. Awaken the mind and heart. So, one can travel their life in a proper manner. Do the process well and feel the spirituality power.

Benefits of tantra rituals

  • Relieve from tension, emotion and pressure.
  • Get a fresh feeling of spirituality.
  • It brings spiritual awareness and focusing on the current moment.
  • It helps to improve thoughts of your mind and heart in one line.
  • It helps to increase your control power and improves orgasm.
  • It builds good spiritual bonds between you and your partner.

Since, it is a Tantric therapy and tantra never happens in same gender, we provide cross gender only therapist for the treatment. Cross gender means if the client is female then it is Male therapist and if it is male client, it is female therapist. As per your stimulation levels you can decide whether the therapist to remain nude or semi-nude. We are providing 4 hours therapy at your doorstep and also at studio. Strictly, avoid surgeries and chemical treatments. Only therapists are well trained and use perfect techniques. Try to land in a right place and get an excellent feeling of spirituality.

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