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Lucid Dreams in Delhi, Mumbai

Most of the people got horror or some unwanted behavior in their dream. Only few people got feeling memorable moments in their dream. In lucid dreams, dream comes true. What happens If you are celebrating your birthday with your favorite actress? What happens If you are living royal life with your partner? What happens If you are enjoying your life in your dream house? What happens If you are flying in the world? Anything can possible in Lucid dreams. No one can irritate or disturb in your dream. Dream it and live it happily by Lucid dreams.


Lucid dream is a dream which people can control their dream and dream with conscious feelings. You have the authority for your dream. Eyes can taste all colorful gifts in your dream. Only one disadvantage is there. Your tongue can't taste colorful foods. Your heart, brain and eyes enjoy the colorful gifts and succeed your failures in your dream. Nowadays, everyone is thinking innovatively. You can realize and fulfill expectations in your dreams. This is safe, secure and unlimited. Also one can reunite their failure loves or lost relatives. You can get back the memorable moments with your loved partners.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • One can meet and interact with anybody.
  • Lucid dreamers can fulfill their expectations.
  • No need to worry about horror dreams.
  • One can control their dreams by lucid dreaming.
  • One can also reunite their love failures in dream.
  • No limitations and rules. Everyone can do it.
  • Get relaxation and excellent memorable moments.

We are providing different and innovative techniques. Concentration, controlling power and feelings are the important aspects in lucid dreams. Sleeping is very much important in our life. Increases blood supply to the muscles during sleeping. In dreaming, your mind is active and the body gets relaxed. Lucid dream provides different energy to your body and brain. First, we train to do some meditations and yoga to improve your concentrations. First, select a calm room. Sit down and throw all unwanted things from your mind. Start your meditation. During meditation, you can experience many kinds of mental effects. It takes months to improve concentration and get controlling power.

Encourage and prepare your body to fit for dreams. We can't control our soul during normal sleep but we can control our soul during lucid dreams. Once you enjoyed the lucid dreams then it's tough to forget. Surely you will be addicted. Try to learn new tasks and get a success in your life. Focus consciously and learn to collect the memories in your lucid dreams. Improve your skills during training period and get a good opportunity to relax your body.


We are providing three to six months of training. It is applicable for unisex. There are two levels for Lucid dreaming. They are,
      Level 1 - Concentration, controlling power and feelings in your dreams.
      Level 2 - How to collaborate your dreams with your buddies dream.

Start to learn and get an excellent experience at low price.

Pricing :

  • Our Regular Price for Lucid Dreams is 25,00,000/-(39000 USD) The Training can be taken in Gurgaon/Mumbai Studio.
  • Or in any city within India on additional Rs. 1,50,000/-(2400 USD)
  • Or in major cities in the world on additinal Rs. 3,00,000/-(4800 USD)

AADI TANTRA STUDIO Rs. 10000-Rs.500000
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