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    Tantra Training in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, India, Dubai, Geneva, London, New York, Los Angeles, Vegas, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Mascow


    Tantra is absolutely not simply another kind of massage. Tantra means “Sensual”. In tantra we do perform sensual touches on partner’s body. The therapist makes the client to achieve the higher level of stimulation through sensual touches so client can feel the deeper and deeper relaxation. Our spiritual energy gets awaken in a respectful and attentive manner and gets extended throughout the whole body.

    The Tantra has always a very reasoned and meaningful construction. It is done with different massage technologies. It takes all of these and turns them into a beautiful and unique ritual. This ritual includes the genitals massage – respectful, attentive and an intrinsic part of any tantra massage.

    The Tantra has its different level for training. At first we train for respecting the body organs. then touch worshipping, then tantric pressure points and their identifications and then their fondling technics by different level of palm and finger pressure. The Tantra Massage Ritual is performed live and the participants have the possibility to do hands- on, practical massage exercises.

    The individual sequences are then professionally introduced so that the massage can be learned and practiced step-by-step. Finally you receive a certificate that is recognized in most institutes if you want to work as professional therapist.