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Nowadays, stress is the common problem for all humans. Everyone taking treatments and counselling to get relieve from stress. Every time, some people feel stressed. Stress affects your brain and also health. It is harmful. Many ways are there to through the stress out. Aadi's offering a complete training for touch techniques to relieve from stress your loved one or to others. You can use this training to make your partner to feel amazing or can start your practice to heal others.

In Tantra training we teach you how tantra massage is the process of weaving consciousness. It involves meditation, ritual, spirituality, yoga and mantras. Mantra like (not ike sanskrit verses but) moaning to yourself with positive thoughts. We teach you how sensual touchings are ways to feel extremely and relieve from pain. we teach you how tantra massage stimulates the high level of blood circulation through sensual touches. So client gets an extreme feel and happiness during massage.

We train about the tantric pressure points and fondling techniques. Tantric pressure points are the points on which client gets extreme feelings. Fondling is the process of touching and stroking the body. During the massage (sensual touch), a new and fresh energy will produce in the body. This new energy is known as Tantra. Our client should get a different experience and admiring feelings from us. and that all we teach you in our tantra training program.

What is Tantra Training Program?

Tantra Training Program is of 3 month; 4 days in a week and 4 hours in a day. Total 192 Hours. We can devide it in Four Parts.

  1. First week turns for meditation learning.
  2. The second to 4th week for understanding the Body structure, Body pressure points, pressure levels and sensual points.
  3. The 5th to 10th leaning practically and performing over body.
  4. 11th and 12th for to dcheck what u have learnt and awarding certification.

Pricing :

  • Our Regular Price for Tantra Training is 12,00,000/-(19000 USD) The Training can be taken in Gurgaon Studio.
  • Or in any city within India on additional Rs. 1,50,000/-(2400 USD)
  • Or in major cities in the world on additinal Rs. 3,00,000/-(4800 USD)

Benefits of Tantra massage

  • Relieve from mental and body stress.
  • Explore one's spiritual evolution.
  • Keep your body and brain healthy.
  • Get comfort and relaxation.
  • Increasing feel and get different energy.
  • Taste the joy of life.

Now, Get a Training, Practice well and get Good expertise. After training, we are providing a certificate. Get it and work as professional therapist. Wish to become a professional therapist with the help of Aadi's.

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