Welcome to AADI's Tantra Studio

Hi, Please note...

  • We never share pictures.
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    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    • We recommend that you to book the appointment at least 2 days prior.
    • A credit or debit card or netbanking is required to reserve and hold your appointment. As a courtesy to our other guests and due to limited availability, we require a minimum of 12 hours for cancellation or rescheduling of treatments.
    • We do not provide refunds for missed appointments.
    • Fifty percent (50%) treatment price will be charged if 12 hours' cancellation or if you do not provide rescheduling notice. We do not provide refunds for missed appointments.
    • Hundred percent (100%) treatment price will be charged if less than 12 hours' cancellation however rescheduling can be done on 6 ours prior notice.
    • Please note that Studio Treatment Packages require a minimum cancellation and rescheduling notice of 24 hours. Fifty percent (50%) treatment price will be charged for less than 24-hours' notice on these select packages.
    • If the cancellation has been made by the AADI's Studio due to its internal reasons, The 10% of the advance received amount or Rs. 1000, whichever is less, will be deducted.
    • Please arrive at The Studio at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. Late arrivals will result in shortened treatment times, and appointments will only be held for 15 minutes.
    • Guests under 21 years of age are not allowed for our treatments.
    • Guests under 21 who are not receiving treatment should not be present during any other guest's treatments. No exceptions.
    • To preserve the harmony and serenity we want to provide for our guests, services may be denied at the discretion of the AADI's Studio management or The Studio staff.
    • All information exchanged during our Studio sessions will be kept completely confidential.
    • By making an appointment for these services, you agree to these terms.

    All prices are subject to change and correction without notice.
    All pricing does not include gratuity.

    For more information, please call The Studio at +91 9911335509,
    or correspond by email to info@aadistudio.com.