Cunniligus Therapy


“Cunnilingus” comes from the Latin cunnus for vulva, women’s external genitalia, and lingere, to lick. Cunnilingus is popular but less so than many people believe. Book Cunnilingus

Most Intimacy books are too vague to actually be useful, but AAdi's Spa covers every aspect of cunnilingus in detail as well as performance, and act tons of specific techniques. We have a personal stake in honing our Cunni-technique, though cunniligus is not only to feel pleasure, it has many physical benefits and reliefs.

Cunnilingus. Gross word, but an enjoyable activity for most nonetheless. And it turns out there's actually a whole load of positives going down there, aside from the inevitable orgasm for you. There's some serious health benefits, in fact. Who knew?

Our practitiners are well trained and mastering since long time back the technics of Cunniligus Therapy to make you feel and experience the best moments of touch and feel. They follow all the rules of safety and hygene to make session full of pleasure and healthier.
But Lactobacillus, a type of flora (that's a more pleasant terminology) is also found in the orgasmic fluide, where it affects anything from your digestion to your allergies. Basically, probiotics like Lactobacillus are good for health.

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