G-Spot Massage

G-SPot Massage

The G-Spot Massage, is also known to awaken spiritual consciousness in those who practice it regularly. It is very much a part of long tantric rituals used as a path for enlightenment. By G-Spot Massage, you get the full benefit of the brain chemistry changes, hormonal regulation, endorphin production and the access into altered states of consciousness.

G-Spot Massage works wonders for your emotional well-being. You will feel and look sexy and at peace with yourself because you are having a loving and sensuous relationship with the core of your womanhood.
Every woman can ejaculate, because they have the g-spot - her prostate gland - intact. All Women are born with it, but sometimes invasive surgeries or trauma can damage the tissue or nerve supply.

The G-Spot Massage is extremely nutritious both ways, physically as well as spiritually. It's infused with energy to rejuvenate our tired and aging bodies and lift our spirits. It has healing powers in it that cleanse the psyche - thus healing very deep seated wounds and traumas. When you add the flow to the emotionally healing work of g-spot massage, the potential for sexual healing is remarkably powerful.
G-spot stimulation may be used every day after the training as a tool for de-stressing from day to day life where you go deep into your hurts, anger, fears etc. during an ecstatic state. it's in those extended hours of ecstasy that you heal your own disconnection from your sexual power and joy.

Benefits of G-Spot Massage

  1. Boost suppleness and blood circulation of the skin of the vulva and vagina.
  2. Loosen the muscles of the pelvic floor resulting in more intense orgasms and better vaginal health.
  3. Promote a sense of peace and deep relaxation because it reduces tension and increases cellular flow in the central core of your body.
  4. Improve your overall well-being and sensuousness because you are establishing a loving relationship with your body.
  5. Reverse vaginal atrophy for menopausal women.
  6. Ease child birth; a daily vaginal and perineal massage after the 35th week of pregnancy can help to decrease the rate of injury and trauma of delivery.

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